How To Buy What’s Right For You

How To Buy What’s Right For You

Tiles can work magic – they can make a small room appear bigger, they can make a dark room look lighter and they can add interest to your space while keeping it subtle. Here are some things to think about before the Clearance Warehouse Sale to ensure you get what’s right for you.

Know Your Space

Is your area big or small? Is it light or dark? Are there a lot of breakaway areas to tile? Are you tiling close to or around a pool area? The answers will help you more than you know!

If you have a darker or smaller space, a lighter tile is most often used to give a bigger and brighter feel to the room. If there are many breakaway areas to tile, you don’t necessarily need the same tile through the threshold. Lastly, if you’re tiling close to a pool, you must make sure to have a non-slip tile to avoid slipping and injury.

Shower Time

If you are planning on redoing your shower then it’s important to tile your shower wall as paint tends to peel off and mould begins to form. Installing tiles will help in avoiding these issues.  It is best to tile the shower floor with mosaic tiles as the many grout lines will act as a non-slip surface. Another option is to go for a non-slip tile that matches the colour of the rest of your bathroom.


Have you thought about whether you want a feature in your space?

You can do this by either having a full wall that is different to the rest of the space, or using a different tile to create a strip along a wall. You can also make the entire shower in the bathroom different, or choose something textures for the fireplace. The possibilities are endless! Try finding some inspiration and figuring out whether you want to make a bold statement or keep it subtle while drawing attention.

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  • Kauthar

    I have a small place in a back yard which I would like to tile is 2 rooms and all your tiles look so beautiful,but I’m only looking for a cheap tile for the ongoing.

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